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(C3B6) HB100 microwave Doppler, wireless radar detector Sonda Sensore 10.525GHz X 5

(C3B6) HB100 microwave Doppler, wireless radar detector Sonda Sensore 10.525GHz X 5

(C3B6) HB100 microwave Doppler, wireless radar detector Sonda Sensore 10.525GHz X 5

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    (C3B6) HB100 microwave Doppler, wireless radar detector probe sensor 10.525GHz

    HB100 microwave module is using Doppler Radar (Doppler Radar, the principle of design of microwave detector, moving object is mainly used in automatic door control switch, safety guard system, ATM ATM automatic video control system, automatic train signal etc. HB100 is a standard 10.525 GHz microwave doppler radar, this way of detecting compared with other detection method has the following advantages: 1, non-contact detection; 2, is not affected by temperature, humidity, noise, air, dust, light effects, such as suitable for bad environment; 3, radio frequency interference resistance ability; 4, the output power is small, no harm to human body; 5, detection range of distance: more than 20 meters.

    Doppler principle introduction: doppler theory is based on time, when the radio waves objects encountered in the process of marching the waves will be reflected, and the frequency of the reflected wave will change with met the moving state of the object. If radio waves hit the position of the object is fixed, so the frequency of the reflected wave and transmitted wave frequency should be equal. If the object moving in the direction of the launch, the reflected wave will be compressed, means that the frequency of the reflected wave increase; Whereas the frequency of the reflected wave will be less.
    Designed according to the principle of doppler microwave detector by the medium droz microwave FET oscillation source (10.525 GHz), power divider, transmitting antenna and receiving antenna, mixer, detector circuit component (figure 2). Transmitting antenna beam transmission microwave outward, when an object is reflected, the reflected wave is receiving antenna, then to the mixer and oscillation wave mixing, mixing, after the detection of low frequency signal reflect the speed of moving objects
    A long, size: 37 mm X 45 mm wide X 8 mm high
    Second, the main chip: HB100 microwave sensor
    Three, working voltage: DC 5 V + / - 0.25 V
    Four, features:
    1 transmitting frequency: 10.525 GHz
    2: frequency setting precision 3 MHZ
    3 power output (minimum) : 13 DBM EIRP
    4: working voltage 5 V + / - 0.25 V
    5 working current (the CW) : 60 ma Max., 37 ma typical
    Harmonic emission: < - 10 DBM
    7 pulse work mode:
    5 8 average current (DC) : 2 ma typ.
    9 pulse width (Min.) : 5 usec
    10 load cycle (Min.) : 1
    1 sensitivity (10 db S/N thewire) 3 hz - 80 hz bandwidth: - 86 DBM
    3 hz - 80 hz bandwidth clutter 10 uv
    2 antenna gain: 8 class: : dbi
    3 vertical plane 3 db beam width: 36 degrees
    Level 3 db beam width: 72 degrees
    Weight: 8 g

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